It’s official; summer has arrived!

Rejoice rejoice! Summer has arrived! And living where we do, one must enjoy it while it lasts! I don’t know about you, but I literally feel like a different person in the sunshine. It just makes me feel so HAPPY and full of energy and like the little stressy things just don’t matter! Ahhh. And I just love summer eating too! 😉

The weekend before last we were up in sunny Scotland for a long weekend visiting friends and family and enjoyed some really stunning weather.

A beach walk with friends on the North Berwick coast was, of course, enjoyed with steaming hot fish & chips (plenty of salt & vinegar), eaten with fingers not forks (then you get to lick all the vingeray salty vinegary deliciousness off your fingers at then end!)

photo 2 (3)

photo 4 (3)

photo 1 (3)

While walks round the loch were topped off with creamy ice cream

photo 4 (4)

And after a hot hike up the hill we enjoyed barbecued salmon with lovely crispy skin, juicy sizzled sausages and homemade potato salad with freshly dug tatties and chives from the garden – perfection!

photo 5

photo 3

photo 2

Even the lovely Scottish gorse was out in force, a riot of yellow against a clear blue sky, the heady coconut scent shouting Summer is Here!

The blissfully gorgeous weather has continued this week in Manchester while we’ve been back which has meant more al fresco eating opportunities!


Toasted marshmallows at a friend’s barbecue. I love when the outside goes all charred and crispy and the inside is gooey, sweet and melting!


And an impromptu picnic in the park after a sunny post-work walk along the river last night! (That’s a rounded meal there!)

I hope that you all have lovely weather where you are too (especially my long-suffering fellow UK bloggers!) and are enjoying some fun times and good food in the sun!


2 Comments on “It’s official; summer has arrived!”

  1. Oh how lovely to read your excited summer post, just as the showers return!

    Aaaah I haven’t had the first BBQ of the year yet. Hopefully the time will still come – there must be at least one toasted marshmallow occasion in a year, otherwise the year must not end! I must say though, that’s very restrained marshmallow toasting… last year, each BBQ connoisseur enjoyed at least 3 marshmallows to a skewer… 😉

    There was an evening last week, when I just wanted to take the picnic blanket out into the garden and plonk myself down with my dinner. Instead, I opened the door wide and let in the flies, then promptly scoured Google after dinner for fly screen options and pinned them for future reference. L O L 😛

    I hope the rain isn’t in Manchester yet. The forecast isn’t looking very exciting for London right now…

    • The rain is well and truly in Manchester now and looks set to be here for the foreseeable future! Oh well, at least we have the memories of the warmth and sunshine! 😉

      I think the marshmallow toasting probably did descend into more gluttony following that picture at the start! They are irresistible!

      Hopefully you’ll get a chance for your first bbq of the year soon!

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