Beautiful Blogger Award – Happy New Year!


What a lovely way to start 2013 – with my very first blog award! I know some people get nominated for loads of these but I’m still rather touched as this means not only that some people read my online ramblings but also even sometimes enjoy them! ūüôā

I was nominated by the lovely Fashion, Food and Flirts – a blog covering a number of my favourite things!

The rules of the Beautiful Blogger Award are:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you

2. Post the award on your blog

3. Share seven facts about yourself

4. Nominate seven bloggers and tell them you nominated them.

So, I’m going to write the first seven things that pop into my head so I’m fairly sure these will be of the random variety…

1. I am a terrible singer but love nothing more than putting on a favourite song of the moment and singing along at the top of my voice as I dance around the house – it’s the one sure fire thing that will always cheer me up. Much to my other half’s¬†horror¬†bemusement.

2. I constantly have itchy feet. I want to be in a million different places all around the world all at once. I just wish work didn’t get in the way.

3. I have recently started researching my family history and it is highly addictive! I am¬†concentrating¬†on my mother’s side first which is centred around Edinburgh for many generations. I am so enjoying my new discoveries and the increased sense of connection I feel with my¬†ancestors¬†and with Edinburgh itself as I picture my stories floating around the city.

4. As the above fact suggests, I am rather the history geek and my dream job would be as a museum curator.

5. There is little in the world that can make me happier than waking up with sunshine streaming through my window followed by tea and toast in bed!

6. I have two almost-fully-grown-kittens called Minnie and Maisie who constantly amuse me. Maisie is named after my favourite childhood book by Aileen Patteron about tabby cat Maisie from Morningside.

7. I am very excited to be combining two of my loves, France and cycling, next summer when we plan to rent a campervan and follow the Tour de France!

The blogs that I nominate are just a handful of my favourites. They are a mixture of inspiring, touching, hunger-making and humorous (and they’re not all about food either!) I highly recommend you check them out!

1. On Top of Spaghetti 

2. Crazy Train to Tinky Town

3. This Sydney Life 

4. This is Lemonade 

5. Bread and Fruit

6. My French Heaven

7. Fika and More

2012 in review – Licking the Plate Again’s Top 5 posts!

Hello there and a very Happy New Year! As one year ends and another begins I thought I would perhaps a little indulgently re-share my top 5 posts from 2012.

I’ve been blogging for six whole months now, having finally been pushed to stop talking about starting a blog and¬†actually¬†start writing one after an amazing trip to Istanbul last summer. And that’s the first of my five most read posts – Eating my way around Istanbul.

Post number two is one to definitely make you hungry… especially if you’re still suffering from a New Year’s hangover… The Perfect Bacon Sandwich

At number three is my review of a visit to Turkish Delight in Chorlton – meze, kebabs and baklava! Chorlton’s Turkish Delight¬†

The fourth spot makes me dream of summer with Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

And, finally, one of my all-time favourite meals, Prawn, Mango and Sweet Potato Red Thai Curry 

Oooh, all that has made me a little peckish again!

Another weekend away from the kitchen

Yes, I have been away for yet another weekend. This time to a lovely cottage in the little village of Near Sawrey (the home of Beatrix Potter! Such happy childhood memories!) in the Lake District with the in-laws for a family birthday. All these weekends away to the countryside have been fantastic, I think it’s very healthy to get away from the city and daily grind as frequently as possible for some clean fresh air, exercise and relaxation. It makes me thankful to be in such easy striking distance of countryside in the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire living in Manchester – you really can have the best of both worlds! And if you can be as lucky as we have at this time of year to get some true cold, crisp sunny Autumnal days, you can enjoy some truly spectacular scenery. Aside from weekends away, the last few weeks have also been full of visitors and the likes of murder mysteries¬†as well as general day to day manicness! This has all meant I’ve hardly spent anytime in the kitchen lately other than to whip up quick but relatively unexciting week night meals (think¬†omelettes¬† stir fries and baked potatoes!) I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen soon, but in the meantime can’t really complain when I’ve been enjoying more stunning views like this!

Whisky & Ginger or Rum & Raisin?

We have a lovely old fashioned sweet shop in Chorlton, and I have recently discovered how amaaazing their fudge is. It’s almost like a cross between traditional fudge and that lovely Scottish delicacy I’m so fond of, tablet. Tablet is slightly more brittle than your usual fudge and has a more grainy sugary texture. Very sweet and sickly but oh so yummy!

Having quite a lot of dull tasks to complete this weekend, we decided a little trip to the sweet shop for some treats to help us along would be a good idea. They had so many delicious sounding flavours but we eventually narrowed the options down to whisky & ginger (two of my all time favourite things!) and rum & raisin (such a good combination!). Unfortunately we could not decide between the two and so had no choice but to buy some of each! ūüôā

While both were indeed delicious, I liked the ginger & whisky fudge the best. It had a stronger flavour and had actual little pieces of ginger in it, mmm! Both fudges were ridiculously sweet and rich and melted in the mouth. Oh so good!

We also threw in some traditional rosy apples for good measure!

(I must admit I do feel ever so¬†slightly¬†sick now… should probably step away from the fudge for a while…)