Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Yesterday we had a bbq to celebrate 1 year (and a bit!) in our house. Last summer we had a bbq around the same time for our housewarming as well as to celebrate the other half’s 30th. This year we were more lucky with the weather – no rain so we didn’t need the gazebo and we didn’t even need to light the chimnea til 9.30pm! The sun didn’t quite shine but the clouds stayed a relatively pale shade of grey and it was pleasantly warm! Our friends arrived and we ate, drank and were generally merry. Last year I had made a Caribbean brownie cake (with ginger, rum and pecans!) for desert, this year I decided to go with something that didn’t involve turning the oven on (given how humid the weather has been these last few days!) and ended up making cheesecake stuffed strawberries after seeing the recipe in the Guardian magazine last weekend. No actual baking, plus the use of strawberries means it’s healthy, right? 😉

I adjusted the amounts a little as follows;

  • 2 large punnets (bar the odd one that went straight in my mouth!) of strawberries (try to pick largeish strawberries as they’ll be easier to hollow out and stuff!)
  • 300g cream cheese
  • Around 6 tbsp icing sugar (you can adjust depending how sweet or not you like it)
  • 1 tsp of good quality vanilla extract
  • Smashed digestive biscuits

Cut the tops of the strawberries and hollow out the middle. If I had more time I would have saved the flesh I was cutting out and maybe made a sorbet or something with it. As I was in a bit of a rush with guests arriving any minute, I’m afraid most of it just got eaten…. oh well!

Beat together the cream cheese, icing sugar and vanilla extract then use a piping bag to to fill the strawberries. Bash up some digestive biscuits (very satisfying!) then sprinkle over the top. Yum!!

I had planned to take more bbq food pictures but somehow after a few beers got a little waylaid…

We also ate pepper, red onion and halloumi skewers (I really don’t think  there are many things nicer than barbecued halloumi!)

As well as chicken strips marinated in my Turkish kebab mixture (see earlier post!), chicken strips marinated in lemon, olive oil and herbs, and some yummy pork and honey sausages!

Oh, and mustn’t forget the toasted marshmallows! 😀

Wimbledon treats!

Melted Milka Dime bar chocolate and deliciously sweet and juicy Scottish strawberries 🙂