Iced peppermint tea

So Summer has finally arrived in the UK! We had the first week back in May and this will no doubt be the second and last week of it now… Still, while the sun shines we shall remain optimistic!

Everything just seems so much better in the sunshine. Standing on the sunny platform waiting for the tram to work this morning was almost pleasant!

Anyway, a little bored with the usual soft drinks, I was seeking inspiration for a new cold and refreshing drink for this hot weather and came up with iced peppermint tea.

I usually make mint tea by just adding a handful of mint leaves from my garden to hot water, however I found it a bit difficult to get the intensity of flavour required in the small amount of hot water used to make this so I used a peppermint tea bag. Make around a third of a cup of peppermint tea and let it brew for a few minutes, I like to give the bag a bit of a mash to release extra flavour. Pour the tea into a glass filled with loads of ice cubes, these will immediately cool the tea and some of the ice cubes will melt straight away lengthening the drink. Delicious, cooling and refreshing! I can’t get enough of it! In fact, I’ve always found cold minty things to be exceptionally refreshing, mint choc chip is clearly one of the best ice cream flavours and childhood trips to France were never complete without the obligatory Kimmy menthe ice lolly! Yum! Hhmm quite fancy making some more now…


2 Comments on “Iced peppermint tea”

  1. Grace says:

    Perfect for the summer heat!

  2. Being from the south I love tea this one sounds refreshing!

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