Whisky & Ginger or Rum & Raisin?

We have a lovely old fashioned sweet shop in Chorlton, and I have recently discovered how amaaazing their fudge is. It’s almost like a cross between traditional fudge and that lovely Scottish delicacy I’m so fond of, tablet. Tablet is slightly more brittle than your usual fudge and has a more grainy sugary texture. Very sweet and sickly but oh so yummy!

Having quite a lot of dull tasks to complete this weekend, we decided a little trip to the sweet shop for some treats to help us along would be a good idea. They had so many delicious sounding flavours but we eventually narrowed the options down to whisky & ginger (two of my all time favourite things!) and rum & raisin (such a good combination!). Unfortunately we could not decide between the two and so had no choice but to buy some of each! ­čÖé

While both were indeed delicious, I liked the ginger & whisky fudge the best. It had a stronger flavour and had actual little pieces of ginger in it, mmm! Both fudges were ridiculously sweet and rich and melted in the mouth. Oh so good!

We also threw in some traditional rosy apples for good measure!

(I must admit I do feel ever so┬áslightly┬ásick now… should probably step away from the fudge for a while…)