First barbecue of the year! – Soy glazed swordfish and halloumi & pepper skewers

So last weekend spring finally fully hit Manchester! In fact, you could probably say forget spring, summer had just swooped right in, given we had TWO CONSECUTIVE DAYS of bright sunshine and 20 degrees!! (Just a shame that one of them was a work day!) Except now we are back down to 8 or 9 degrees and I am staring out the window at the same grey skies and rain that we have had for the last four days and are forecast to have for the next four days… So I am going to reminisce about summer last weekend with this post about our first barbecue of the year!

I am quite probably halloumi’s biggest fan. It is just the most brilliant foodstuff ever, don’t you think?! So meaty yet cheesy and so satisfying. And oh so delicious when grilled or barbecued. I have made pepper and halloumi skewers whenever we’ve fired up the barbie for years now, as well as peddling them at the barbecues of friends and family too! So of course I was definitely making these for our first bbq of the year.

Given it was just the two of us, and we felt like being a bit healthier, we decided to barbecue some swordfish. I really like barbecued fish, it’s a nice change from the usual meat-fest and goes really well with a nice summery salad. I’d never tried swordfish on the barbecue before so was pretty excited to try these delicious steaks! In order to make sure the fish stayed really juicy and moist, I decided on a sticky glaze type marinade. I also wanted something that would be fast to do and faff-free – minimising kitchen time and maximising sunny garden time! I sort of made it up as I went along so don’t have the measurements, but it was so simple and worked a treat! – I glugged some soy sauce into a pan along with some dark brown sugar, and kept stirring until the sugar had dissolved, then took off the heat, squeezed in a little fresh lime juice and poured over the fish. The fish was then basted during cooking with more of the sauce. So simple but so tasty! It really coated the steaks well, kept them moist and juicy, and was very moreish!





10 Comments on “First barbecue of the year! – Soy glazed swordfish and halloumi & pepper skewers”

  1. I am reading this with gales blowing outside and wondering where our summer went; heard its torrential rain and horror movie style thunderstorms in Tinky Town today too. As I’m not a seafood fan, can you recommend something else it goes well with?

    • Oh it’s so grim isn’t it! Very cold again too! At least we know some of the other supposedly ‘hot’ countries are getting some of the stormy weather too though! Something else the sticky soy glaze would go with? Hhmm I bet it would be good on beef. Or if you were barbecuing, chicken would probably work well πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh halloumi yes, delicious and what a great idea barbecuing swordfish! I agree, bbqs can be such a meat fest, I’m bearing this in mind. In fact I think I ought to pin this to my new (optimistically named) Al fresco board on Pinterest so that I remember when the sun shows up again. We have rain right now. The weather in Manchester sounds pretty identical to the stuff we’re enjoying in London. But Sir Alex and the boys got a great but of sunshine yesterday evening eh? Don’t know if you’re interested in all that.
    Come to think of it, we had some sunshine in the evening too πŸ™‚

    • Loving the sound of your (very optimistically!) named Al fresco board! I must check out Pintrest one of these days. Hopefully we’ll have some weather conducive to alfresco dining again soonish… Not really into the football myself… but yes, following some rather dramatic thunder & lightening, rain and hail in the afternoon, the sun did poke its head out for them!

  3. So happy to have come across your blog! I am looking forward to reading more. I must admit, while I am a fellow foodie (and DIY renovator – I read you about page too), this is the first time I have heard of halloumi. Let’s just say I will soon be finding out more about it.

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I am looking forward to having a nosey at your blog too! Ooh I am glad I have introduced someone new to halloumi – it is a delicious Cypriot cheese, hope you enjoy it!

  4. Cam says:

    That swordfish looks so deliciously caramelized. BBQ season is definitely here (sort of), it’s rainy and has dropped down from 29C to 18C which is OK cuz while sun makes me happy, 24C at midnight is too hot to sleep. Have to see if I can find halloumi at my cheesemonger’s. I bet it’d be great grilled with some bread for panzanella when my cherry tomatoes run riot this summer. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. Love swordfish, although it’s a bit pricey here.. Salmon would be good this way too! I recently bought The Mister a gas BBQ as we now have a garden (new house); can’t wait to try fish on it. And the haloumi is waiting in the fridge! Hope the weather is behaving itself a bit now for you!

    • Oh me too, although it is also quite pricey here so it was a nice treat! πŸ™‚ Have you christened the new house with a BBQ yet? Hope it was a tasty one if so! Yes, the weather is definitely beginning to perk up here a little now πŸ™‚

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