Happiness on a Friday, part 3

It’s Friday, it’s the start of a three-day weekend, the weather forecast is finally warm, with minimal rain and a generous amount of sun, I’m feeling pretty happy! I’m not gonna lie, I was fairly tempted to buy some Pimms on the way home from work, but refrained for fear of jinxing the weather!

Kicking off the weekend with a delicious Chilean sauvignon blanc and a prawn, pea, lemon and chilli risotto – delicious!! (The risotto has a good glug of wine in it too, of course)


3 Comments on “Happiness on a Friday, part 3”

  1. Yes it sure felt like Pimms o’clock, spring feels like it sprang swiftly into summer. Sure hope the sunshine lasts through the bank holiday. That would be a bit unusual wouldn’t it? Have a good’un! šŸ™‚

  2. It certainly did! Back to cooler weather and rain now, but was nice while it lasted! Did you get a chance to indulge in some Pimms?!

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