Let’s break out of this city…

I woke early this morning (a fairly rare occurrence for me on a Saturday!) and was suddenly overcome with an urge to get out of the city. I promptly woke the other half (he wasn’t best pleased at first…) and suggested we ditch our previous plans for the day and head out of Manchester for some proper fresh air, peace and quiet and a chance to have a proper stretch of our legs! We packed a quick picnic and set off for Formby, on the Merseyside coast, around an hour or so away.

I don’t know what it was that grabbed me this morning, but have a feeling that it may have had something to do with the fact that it was the first weekend that I can remember where it’s been dry, had a small hint of blue sky, and has not been absolutely freezing!! I don’t want to lull either myself or any of you readers into a false sense of security, but for the first time it feels like the end of winter is almost in sight…

The grey clouds rolled in fairly quickly, but luckily for us it stayed dry! We had some fun attempting to run up big sand dunes (made me think of the ‘travelator’ at the end of Gladiators! Anyone else know what I’m on about!?) and running down the other side squealing with arms wheeling in the air in that pure childhood delight of not being in any way in control and not quite knowing whether or not you were going to stay on your feet. (I only landed on my bum once, but fairly spectacularly!). It made me think, how often as grown ups do we ever really let ourselves lose control, even just for a minute? Hardly ever for most people, I bet. I think it is good for the soul to do so now and then!

We then had a good long march up the beach for a few miles and back, breathing in that lovely salty fresh sea air. There is something about being at the seaside that I just love. It’s so invigorating but also I think grounding. I like to see the sea, to contemplate our smallness in comparison to everything else ‘out there’. I like to see and contemplate the boundaries of this little island we call home. I can’t imagine living in a land locked country. I used to live a 10 minute walk from the beach when I lived in Aberdeen while at university. I loved being able to go for a walk or run along the beach whenever I felt the need. To be able to just go and stand and look at the sea. I could see the sea and a lighthouse from my bedroom window if I craned my neck to the right angle. It gave me a lot of comfort at night to see the beam from that lighthoue flashing out, a reminder that there is other stuff out there beyond what is currently pre-occupying us in our day to day lives. I wish we lived closer to the sea now.

Soon it was time to perch a-top a sand dune with a lovely view of the sea and offshore wind farm, and enjoy a cup of tea from my new Orla Kiely flask (I am so in love with it!) and a toasted bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a little squeeze of lemon juice, yum! A perfect weekend lunch if you ask me πŸ™‚











11 Comments on “Let’s break out of this city…”

  1. jmcvl says:

    What a gorgeous day. There is nothing like a bit of fresh air to blow away cobwebs!!

  2. You can’t do a good walk without a picnic!

  3. That’s a fabulous day! (And I now have bagel-envy…)

  4. We had the sunshine today! Yesterday was so-so but today was just gorgeous until sundown πŸ™‚ Getting colder again though :S I really agree though, I’m so used to being able to just get to the seaside in a couple of hours (even though our British beaches are mocked the world over, and we’re usually battered about by the winds rather than basking in glorious sunshine) I can’t imagine living in a landlocked country either. I am not particularly a fan of Orla Kiely but I must say, that is one gorgeous flask. I’m sure it made your tea taste nicer! I’m sure any cobwebs have been blown clean away – have a great week!

    • Thanks TiL! πŸ™‚ I know, even when I feel like I live ‘far away’ from the sea, it’s only really just over an hour’s drive, which is probably close to the sea for people in a lot of other countries! Hope you have a great week too – lets hope this sunshine manages to hold out a little longer!!

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  6. Cam says:

    What a great way to recapture the pure joy we take for granted as children that somehow becomes subdued or at least diluted out as adults! Strangely your coastline pics remind me of the Oregon coast here.

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