Indian Tapas; a welcome and novel idea!

While up in Scotland visiting  family and friends over the Christmas and new year period we popped through to Edinburgh to catch up with some old friends. Meeting up on the 30th of December is fast becoming a little tradition of ours, a sort of pre-Hogmanay get together which invariably involves plenty of good food and drink. This year my friend suggested we eat at Mother India, an Indian restaurant with a slight difference; instead of picking just the one curry, the food is served in small portions for everyone to share, tapas style. This definitely suited me due to my well documented inability to order one dish decisively when out for a meal (well, they all sound so good!) as well as those dining with me as it stops me stealing wee tastes from their plates seeing as we are all sharing tastes of everything. I think it is a much more sociable and enjoyable way of eating a meal together. So, the style of dining went down very well, but what was the actual food like? I’m glad to say it did not disappoint, the various dishes we tried were all extremely flavoursome with tender meat, well balanced sauces and plenty of moreishness.

We ate so many delicious little morsels and the great thing was that because you were ordering lots of little things, you could try new things that you perhaps wouldn’t normally order if it was going to be your only dish. Highlights included lamb karahi, aubergine fritters, chana poori (tasty chickpeas served on a light pastry), fish and potato fritters with a delicious fiery dipping sauce, the most heavenly spinach and paneer I have ever eaten and, my stand out dish, an absolutely luscious warming ginger chicken curry. All mopped out with exceedingly garlicy naan that was finger lickingly good!

There’s only one slight problem… I took just one (terrible) photo at the start of the meal then promptly got so caught up in catching up, eating and drinking, that I completely forgot to take any more proper pictures for the blog! This in many ways of course should be seen as a compliment to the delicious food – it completely captivated our attention! Normally, with no usable photo, I would not bother with a blog post. However we so enjoyed this meal, both the concept and the eating of it, that I just felt the need to share it with all of you anyway! If any of you are ever in Edinburgh and fancy something a little different I would definitely recommend it!

The photo is so appalling I’m not really sure I can bring myself to post it, but it seems wrong to have no photographic evidence at all. I’m not sure I even looked through the camera while snapping, but here you can see what looks to be the ginger chicken and spinach with paneer!


Given this picture is so rubbish, I will compensate by adding a few pictures of wintry Edinburgh itself (albeit taken a Christmas previously…)





8 Comments on “Indian Tapas; a welcome and novel idea!”

  1. I have to concur. The food photos are appalling, they could be something else. But then being a fan of any great Indian food, I find that I am instead salivating over the flavours that the photos bring to mind. It looks delicious and I totally understand why there were no “better” photos!
    I love the idea of Indian tapas, it’s a no-brainer really. My favourite memory of Indian food was years ago when a friend of mine made a veritable curry feast and we just had plates to go back and forth and get the food and mop it up with bread and rice. That’s when I learned to eat without cutlery! I still smile and feel hungry every time I think of it!
    Lovely. Thanks for having the guts to post the photos, I would not have done. But if you hadn’t, I would not be feeling so hungry now… lol 🙂
    So, I must endeavour to improve my curry skills this year… and work on getting further North than Yorkshire – to my shame, I have never been to Scotland *blushes*.

    • Thanks, now I can see it up there I want to take it down again! Ha ha. Oh well, it was one of the best meals we’ve had for a long time and I wanted to share! Love the sound of your Indian feast! Eating with your hands is the best way! And I wouldn’t feel too bad about not venturing to Scotland – aside from London itself I’ve not really been anywhere ‘down South’! We all need a little more time to travel our own isles, I think!

  2. I love this type of dining – far more social don’t you think?

  3. jmcvl says:

    What a lovely sociable idea! Sounds delicious. Having just visited Edinburgh I am gutted I didn’t see this post beforehand so I could check it out!!! Glad you had a great evening. Sounds fab xxx

  4. jmcvl says:

    What a lovely sociable idea! Sounds delicious. Having just visited Edinburgh I am gutted I didn’t see this post beforehand so I could check it out!!! Glad you had a great evening. Sounds fab xxx

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