Craving a little winter wonderland

So 2012 saw the wettest summer in the UK since records began and was the second wettest year in total. Nice. As if that wasn’t bad enough, research is now showing that this pattern of weather is expected to continue in the foreseeable future as a result of global warming. While I’m not going to get into the climate debate here, this is clearly something that is scary and regrettable. One side effect of all this recent wet weather has meant we had a wholly unfestive year in terms of Christmas weather – mild winter temperatures, heavy grey skies and persistent drizzle! Now I know that a lot of our preconceived romantic ideas about Christmases being white and icy come from Charles Dickens, who lived during a mini ice age, but being from Scotland, I’m afraid I have become rather used to a least a dusting of the white stuff in recent years and weather that’s at least cold enough for a snuggly hat. We managed a flew fleeting flurries that soon turned to sleet then back into heavy rain up north of the border this Christmas but sadly that was about it. So this has got me craving some ‘proper wintry festive weather’ prompting me to dig out some photos taken around my parent’s village from the last few Christmases. Hope this gives you your white Christmas fix too if you’ve also been craving some bracing cold! I’ve also thrown in a few winter sunsets for good measure!























































6 Comments on “Craving a little winter wonderland”

  1. carinzil says:

    beautiful winter photos

  2. Beautiful! I love snow, but hate it in London where it generally turns to grey slush interspersed with hazardous black ice almost immediately as soon as the transport system/roads have stopped being causes for complaint and everyone is back out and trudging along, spreading the grit and grime. Thanks for these beautiful photos therefore. Snow as it was made to be! Aaaah – I’m glad we don’t get it more often down here, but how refreshing for the soul to see your photos! It’s taken a turn for the colder and drier dahn sahf. Perhaps we will get some more wintry weather soon? 😉

  3. Hah, I know exactly what you mean! It is much the same here in Manchester! I always enjoy wintery weather so much more up at home in Scotland, partly because it stays pristine and white but also because I usually don’t have anywhere to get to and only have to leave the house if I feel like a crispy satisfying snow-crunching walk! If only it could always be the way!!

  4. jmcvl says:

    These are truly beautful photos. Makes me want to be there right now!!

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