2012 in review – Licking the Plate Again’s Top 5 posts!

Hello there and a very Happy New Year! As one year ends and another begins I thought I would perhaps a little indulgently re-share my top 5 posts from 2012.

I’ve been blogging for six whole months now, having finally been pushed to stop talking about starting a blog and actually start writing one after an amazing trip to Istanbul last summer. And that’s the first of my five most read posts – Eating my way around Istanbul.

Post number two is one to definitely make you hungry… especially if you’re still suffering from a New Year’s hangover… The Perfect Bacon Sandwich

At number three is my review of a visit to Turkish Delight in Chorlton – meze, kebabs and baklava! Chorlton’s Turkish Delight 

The fourth spot makes me dream of summer with Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

And, finally, one of my all-time favourite meals, Prawn, Mango and Sweet Potato Red Thai Curry 

Oooh, all that has made me a little peckish again!


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