Christmas is coming…

The  nights are drawing in, twinkly lights and trees are cropping up in front room windows across the country and gluwein is being consumed in ever increasing quantities (at least in this house) yes, the festive season is upon us and somehow Christmas is just around the corner!

A few evenings ago we ‘festive-ised’ some of our lovely little Victorian fireplaces to get in the Christmas spirit. Cue lots of twinkly fairy lights and candles! And some ‘helpful’ cats!



All that decorating was of course hungry work, fueled by those classic Christmas snacks – gluwein, twiglets and dark chocolate covered lebkuchen!


With the house looking festive and sparkly, it would have been rude not to invite some friends round for an evening of Christmas-themed food and drink! Mulled wine, mulled cider and winter pimms were accompanied by lots of goodies! One of my friends brought this awesome cranberry and walnut ‘festive bark’ – extra chocolately! Check the festive gold stars!


I made some mince pies and speculaas – a Christmas spiced German biscuit. Yum!  Unfortunately I was a bit rubbish with the camera (a bit busy with all that important alcohol mulling! 😉 ) so have no pictures of the mince pies, but here is one from last Christmas! (it’s been my trusty recipe for many a year now!)

mince pie

The speculaas fared slightly better, I do have a picture, but not quite of the end product! Here are some on the cooling rack, yet to receive their magic icing sugar dusting!


I will post the recipes for these another day, right now I’m still recovering from last night’s over-indulgence in all these goodies and an early night is calling with a work Christmas party tomorrow! Hope you’re all having a good festive season too!


8 Comments on “Christmas is coming…”

  1. Winter Pimms? – Please explain…?

    • Oh my friend you are missing out if you’ve never had winter pimms!!! It’s totally different from summer pimms before you ask – based on brandy as opposed to the summer gin cup version, with yummy spices. Enjoy hot with apple juice or, in my humble opinion, even better ice cold with ginger ale! Ooooh could just fancy another right now…

  2. Bronagh says:

    Your fireplaces (and indeed your house!) look so lovely and cozy 🙂

  3. daisyandthefox says:

    love the fairy lights and candles! 🙂 such a cosy atmosphere 🙂
    and that cranberry and walnut ‘festive bark’ looks full of chocolaty goodness!

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