Another weekend away from the kitchen

Yes, I have been away for yet another weekend. This time to a lovely cottage in the little village of Near Sawrey (the home of Beatrix Potter! Such happy childhood memories!) in the Lake District with the in-laws for a family birthday. All these weekends away to the countryside have been fantastic, I think it’s very healthy to get away from the city and daily grind as frequently as possible for some clean fresh air, exercise and relaxation. It makes me thankful to be in such easy striking distance of countryside in the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire living in Manchester – you really can have the best of both worlds! And if you can be as lucky as we have at this time of year to get some true cold, crisp sunny Autumnal days, you can enjoy some truly spectacular scenery. Aside from weekends away, the last few weeks have also been full of visitors and the likes of murder mysteries as well as general day to day manicness! This has all meant I’ve hardly spent anytime in the kitchen lately other than to whip up quick but relatively unexciting week night meals (think omelettes  stir fries and baked potatoes!) I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen soon, but in the meantime can’t really complain when I’ve been enjoying more stunning views like this!


9 Comments on “Another weekend away from the kitchen”

  1. You know, in all my years I have lived in the UK I have never managed to visit the Lake District etc. What a shame, I know, but …… Beautiful photographs, thank you. And btw, ‘who’s done it? The Butler?”

  2. Oh. Wow. How beautiful! I imagine there aren’t too many tourists at this time of year either, so you can really enjoy the beautiful landscape. I hope you’re feeling reinvigorated in spite of busy times with visitors 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, feeling reinvigorated and looking forward to doing some cooking this weekend! 🙂 And pleasingly few tourists- one day of rain and one day like this in November, you really can’t complain!!

  3. Stunning! A walk in that kind of countryside and then a pub lunch in a little English village… Heaven!

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