Parsnip, Pecan & Maple Cheesecake

We went to my favourite cafe in Chorlton this afternoon, Tea Hive. It’s a lovely little place serving inventive, delicious and always massive slabs of cake as well as tasty and equally massive sandwiches and salads with fresh ingredients and really lovely homademade chutneys and relishes. They serve lots of nice lose leaf teas in mismatched tea pots and vintage style china teacups and saucers. They have a lovely peaceful little courtyard garden out the back where you can sit in the dappled sun and enjoy the use of oversized cups and teapots as plant pots!

Previous favourites have included honey and ginger cake. Today, despite being sorely tempted by the orange and almond cake, I spotted something delicious-looking billed as parsnip, pecan and maple cheesecake. I was intrigued and had to taste it! I can imagine the use of parsnip in cake to create a fluffy, moist sponge, in much the same way as carrot cake or the use of avocado, courgette or beetroot. But in cheesecake? Interesting! I am also a big fan of pecan so we settled on this.

I’m not usually a massive cheesecake fan, but the bearded one is, which is the other reason we settled on this particular delicacy (the pieces are so massive we decided to share a bit so as not to spoil our appetites for tea later –  we had something good planned, which I’ll post another day!!) This cheesecake however was really, really good, the topping was super light and fluffy and not too cloying or rich at all – my usual complaints with cheesecake. The base, I think, was ginger biscuits – another big tick for me! The gingery flavour combined with the pecan and maple was so delicious!

I guess the use of parsnip will have made the mixture really moist without making it too heavy, but as someone who doesn’t usually go for cheesecake, and has never made it, I’m not sure. Anyone else out there made anything similar?


8 Comments on “Parsnip, Pecan & Maple Cheesecake”

  1. Chris. says:

    Cor! That looks blinking handsome. Yum! 🙂

  2. How cool! Parsnip in a cheesecake – like that idea.

    Sadly, cheesecake is currently off the menu in our dairy-free house. I am living vicariously!

  3. Oh my goodness this looks good! I’ll do some digging on Google, maybe there’s a recipe out there!

  4. […] have previously blogged about a parsnip, pecan and maple cheesecake I delighted in here. Main courses include stonkingly good sandwiches served on doorstop granary […]

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