Yoghurty Prawns on Toast

Last weekend I had some cooked prawns that needed using up, and also had nothing much in the house for lunch. Something to do with prawns for lunch it was, then! I was feeling quite lazy and was already pretty hungry so was wondering what I could do that would be quick and tasty without using many ingredients.

I took inspiration from something my mum often makes as a starter – prawns with creme fraiche and lemon served on crunchy lettuce leaves. I had also seen a recipe for something similar in my Jamie Oliver book, I think he uses sour cream, but served on a brioche. As I am a big natural yoghurt fan, I of course had some in the fridge, and so decided to mix the prawns with these. You might be forgiven for thinking, prawns and yoghurt… really?! But believe me, it really works! I thought this would be healthier than creme fraiche or sour cream but should still keep the zingy flavour. I chucked in some other bits and pieces and plonked the whole lot on top of a piece of toast. It turned out to be one of the nicest lunches I’ve had in a long time! There’s definitely something to be said for improvising with the sparse contents of your fridge and cupboard now and then! Especially if those contents include natural yoghurt, it’s so versatile! 🙂

To serve two;

  • 200g prawns
  • Around 4-5 tbsps natural yoghurt
  • juice and zest of one lemon (maybe a bit less if you don’t like things too zingy, I personally love lemonyness!)
  • Around a quarter of a red onion, finely chopped
  • Handful of freshly chopped dill
  • Toast to serve

I mixed the prawns in with the yoghurt, lemon juice and zest and the dill which was helpfully hanging around the back of the fridge. At the last minute I chucked in a little red onion too in order to replace the satisfying crunch that is usually provided by my mum’s lettuce.


3 Comments on “Yoghurty Prawns on Toast”

  1. Love yogurt (which is lucky since no sour cream and no creme fraiche easily available in Greece!) and love lemonyness! So definitely a must-try 🙂

  2. […] paste) and Cacik (cucmber and mint yoghurt dip). These were to be served as a first course with my yoghurty prawns on toast (not exactly fitting with the Turkish theme, but a request had been put in and who am I to say no! […]

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