Steak, chips & guilt-free peppercorn sauce!

Steak is one of our all time favourite meals, we love having it when we’re out for dinner, but it’s also a relatively quick and fuss-free meal to make at home for a weekend treat. I love a really juicy medium-rare steak with salty crisp chips, a rich creamy peppercorn sauce and large glass of red wine…. mmmm! Of course it’s not the healthiest of meals! In order to make the meal a little less naughty, I have devised my own much less wicked peppercorn sauce, and it’s still actually pretty good! If you have this at home with oven chips, it also brings the fat count down a little!!

This is what you’ll need for the peppercorn sauce, although I’m afraid as is the case with most of my sauces and dressings, I don’t really measure things out, just throw in what looks to be roughly the right amount of each ingredient then continue to adjust to taste!;

  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Around a tbsp of peppercorns – some left whole, some crushed
  • Around a tbsp of gravy granules
  • A little cornflour mixed with cold water
  • salt & ground pepper to season

Gently warm the milk in a sauce pan while grinding your peppercorns

Mixture of whole and crushed peppercorns

Add the gravy granules and peppercorns and whisk well

Mix the corn flour and water together then add to the pan, continuing to whisk all the while to make sure the sauce is smooth and you don’t get any lumps! Add salt and pepper to taste and continue to gently simmer and keep stirring for around 5 minutes then serve straight away.

Griddle your steaks for the correct amount of time depending on cut, thickness and your preference of how well cooked you like it. Make sure the steaks are at room temperature before cooking, always oil the pan rather than the steaks and allow time to rest the meat after cooking before serving. I like to serve mine with a simple green salad with a liberal drizzling of homemade mustard vinaigrette. You’ll also see that I enjoy a rather obscene amount of peppercorn sauce on my plate… all the more reason to concoct this somewhat less indulgent version otherwise I’d be the size of a house!!!


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