Sunshine, cycling and brambles

On arriving home from work this evening, we decided to make the most of what was suddenly turning into a rather beautiful evening and head out for a bike ride. Cycling along with the dappled evening sunshine coming through the trees, warming my skin and raising my spirits, was bliss after a hectic yet dreary day in the office. Particularly as I had started the day shivering into my jacket standing on a tram platform in the sort of incessant drizzly rain that completely soaks you through and saps your spirit in a way no other rain quite does. I think the key to this terrible summer is to really open your eyes and be ready to jump at every opportunity the weather brightens, the day’s are so crazily changeable at the moment that the most horrendous of days can quite suddenly turn into a lovely evening, and vice versa!

As we whizzed along I savoured the feel of the breeze in my hair and on my legs as the skirt of my dress swished around. We continued along our route for a while before passing by a woman with a discarded bicycle at her feet rummaging around in the bushes. We slowed down to stop and I realised there were clumps of brambles, juicy and ripe for the picking. I got quite excited! I adore brambles! Is there a better ingredient out there for a crumble?! They’re also great in cocktails! 😉 However, we had nothing, absolutely no receptacle what-so-ever, in which to take home our forages. I shall have to return, and be more prepared in future!

The picture’s not great as it was taken on a phone, the sky was actually a lovely pale blue with wisps of fluffy clouds, but unfortunately this got rather over exposed!


One Comment on “Sunshine, cycling and brambles”

  1. This brings back great memories of country lanes and picking berries when we lived in England 🙂

    And thanks for visiting my blog.

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